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Design and Engineering

When design and engineering meet, wonders are created. With that intent, our design-engineering team ensures that our expertise and experience fulfils our customer’s demand and delivers products that stand out in the market. At the same time, we eliminate possible risks and faults in the finished product.

Bhatia Alloy customers understand that we bring high-quality and exactly designed forged aluminum products to every forging job. As a leading manufacturer in India, customers can expect Bhatia Alloy to produce whatever is necessary for any application, in any environment, and for any use case.

Our design engineering team can make the process faster, improve the final product, and provide consistent feedback to customers throughout the entire process

Tool and Die

Tool and die is a machining and designing process used to make dies, tools, moulds & fixtures, gauges, and other manufacturing implements. Our forging and design-engineering team works closely with the customers to design parts with precision and unmatched detail. Our forging dies are made by us and are customised as per every customer order.

Tool and Die - bhatiaalloy

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is the process of placing a finished part into a heating chamber to provide it greater internal structure. Since, naturally metals form into uneven groupings, the heat treatment provides them the perfection of structure they need for forging and designing. There are three key processes involved in heat treatment: annealing, precipitation hardening and solution heat treatment to create defect free manufacturing implements.

CNC Machining

BTA, Skiving, Burnishing, Turning, 4th Axis & 5th Axis Milling, etc.

Machining Centre
Upto 5 Axis Machines
60+ VMC Machines
30+ CNC Turning Machines
For Dimensional Controls As Per Tolerance Std. ISO 2768 MK
APGS, Bore Gauges, Height Gauges, etc.
Receiver Gauges
For Profiles
Profile checking on Profile Projector
Contour Testing
Control Mechanism
SPC (statistical process control)
Run Charts


Bhatia Alloy, employs a computer-controlled hoist system to guide material through the anodize process eliminating any chance of manual variations in pre-cleaning, etching, anodizing, coloring, or sealing. This ensures the most consistent and durable finish on every load.

We offer standard (MIL-A-8625 Type II, Class 1 & 2), (AMS-2471 & 2472), (ASTM B580-79 Type B, Thru F) Aluminum Anodizing

Anodizing We Offer
Natural Anodizing
Color Anodizing
Hard Anodizing
Types of Anodizing
Standard Type II Aluminum Anodizing
Type III Hard Coat Aluminum Anodizing
Surface Finish
Fischer Germany Thickness Tester
600+ Hours Salt Spray Test
Anodizing Thickness 5+ Microns

Powder Coating

Bhatia Alloy provides free-flowing dry powder coating to create a hard finish which is tougher than conventional paint. Unlike conventional painting, power coating requires thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer to be applied by electro stating and curing under heat or with ultraviolet light.


Bhatia Alloy also offers highly durable and reliable lacquering to our manufacturing implements. This clear wood coating finish is shiny and glossy, and is hard to achieve. It has proved to be sturdier than the use of conventional varnishes, shellac or other finishing substances. For its correct application and longer life, it needs to be applied with a high-volume sprayer in a well-ventilated area since it dries via solvent evaporation.

Liquid Painting

Liquid painting may sound simple but it requires many different chemistries and selecting the right one for your product is a science unto itself that Bharti Alloy has demystified. Well known for its effortless and flexible on- site color mixing, liquid painting can also be used as a primer as it has special corrosion-inhibiting additives. The color changes that are otherwise not possible with e-coat or powder coatings, can be easily achieved with Liquid painting.

Laser Marking

Laser marking and engraving are two different techniques that are used to mark and engrave objects respectively using lasers. Bhatia Alloy uses these modern techniques with specially designed ‘laserable’ materials like laser-sensitive polymers, novel metal alloys and paints. These do not include the use of ink or tool bits that contract and decay the engraved surface overtime. Apart from engraving, these techniques are also useful for color change due to chemical or molecular alteration, foaming, charring, ablation, and so on.


Bhatia Alloy uses sub-assembly process to combine components into component assemblies for inclusion in larger end products. This manufacturing process includes combining components to create a new parent that requires assembly. We also use it to customise specific orders.

Inspection & Testing

Inspection and testing are two most crucial steps that determine the physical and chemical properties of a forged metal part. These services also keep in check the tensile strength, yield strength, and required hardness for final application performance.

Bhatia Alloy provides complete forging inspection and testing for all manufacturing implements to ensure fast and reliable testing, to verify the material, its properties and composition, and to identify masked flaws or damages.


Since Bhatia Alloy is quite meticulous about each step, then how could shipping be left behind. We are proud to guarantee fast, damage free and time-bound shipping to all our clients. Our shipping system is shaped to deliver short and reliable lead times, fast fixes and so on, for customers to plan their further production processes.