About - Bhatia Alloy | Leading Aluminum Forging Company In India


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We help OEMs achieve Efficiency and Grace in Motion while maintaining Safety and Comfort for the End Customer. We offer high strength lightweight products through our high tech manufacturing and integrated facilities reducing the lead times, costs and the dependency on most of other International Suppliers. Recyclability of materials and Energy consumption over the life cycle are the key ingredients of the sustainability of human race on the planet.

Bhatia Alloy is a privately owned company by Er. Ramesh Bhatia and Er. Dheeraj Bhatia to manufacture forged machined valves in Brass for High-Pressure Applications. In the span of these 27 years, the organization and its members/employees have maintained a reputation for integrity and technical competence. Today, Bhatia Alloy is going places with its specialized team of professionals & self-motivated workforce who are the most treasured assets of the Organization.

Bhatia Alloy also proudly shared a long-lasting relationship for over 27 years now, with renowned companies of all industrial sectors as we never compromise on delivery schedules and every forging receives its due attention. We support our customers with Just-In-Time (JIT) and Direct-On-Line (DOL) capabilities.

With a capability to forge shapes varying from simple to complex, with a capacity to forge 300 thousand pieces per month varying from smallest of closed die forgings of 50gms to largest of 10 kgs per piece, Bhatia Alloy has the expertise and infrastructure to cater to the most challenging customers’ requirements.


Our Values


✓ Everything we do, we believe in changing the Status Quo and in thinking differently. The way we change the Status Quo is by making our products beautifully designed even with complex shapes, strong and safe even when light weight and easily available although when suppliers are limited.


✓ Clog for Mobility Industry across Globe, by providing increased safety & comfort, pre-empting the needs of happy customers in a sustained way!

✓ We understand that ‘movement’ AND ‘comfort’ is what you deliver and it is complex. We SIMPLIFY it for you. We INNOVATE. We think out of the box and find innovative solutions to meet your requirements - present & future.


✓ We help Our Team be the best at what they do and live a balanced & fulfilling life. Every single one of us comes to work every day to do something we love. It’s the most wonderful thing in the world. The best part is, it is also good for business. We work with some of the best and biggest companies in the world.

✓ Bhatia Alloy stands for unconditional quality, flexibility and optimal service – individual customer care and problem solving are foremost priorities in our daily work.

04Core Values

✓ Be THE Symbiotic Partner
✓ Lead with Empathy
✓ Be Safe; Be Frugal
✓ Always go THAT extra mile
✓ Honour Individual; Respect Team
✓ Leave IT Better

05Success Defined

✓ When sourcing parts is no longer a challenge for the customer partner.
✓ Scalability for the customer partner to have more revenue.
✓ Premium and Consistent Quality.
✓ Seamless Integration of Deliveries to help customer partner achieve HIS GOAL.
✓ Prudent Pricing