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Case Studies

Customer Specific Requirements

To work together, Flexibility is the key : Over the years, we understood that customization and personalization is the key. Although all customers come to us for Engg Solutions, but they have disparate requirements and needs. And this gives us a lot of learnings, experiences and insights. For one USA based customer, we installed TIG Welding.

TIG Welding Process and Assembly(Boom & Mast) for USA

The process involved Welding Forged & Machined part into the Aluminum Extruded, CNC Bent and Machined Tubes. Finishing and Powder Coating were secondary operations before Assembly for this Boom and Mast Assembly for a Dentist’s Chair.

For an Italian Home and Industrial Appliance Manufacturer, we installed Electroplating. Two major brands of the same holding company making the world’s best coffee machines manufacturer.

Copper Alloys

Copper Alloys (Brass & Bronze) needed forging, CNC machining, Chrome Plating before dispatch/sub-assembly.

The Producer of luxury vehicles and motorcycles in Germany, Parts needed special Anodizing. Done


Even the process details were unavailable. Unlike Coatings or Electro-deposition, Anodizing is a conversion coating process and forms a layer of oxide on the substrate. Much depends on the substrate and the chemicals used. In the absence of any process details, the shade variation with the original parts was difficult to control. But with DOE and 67 trials in 30 days, we could match the customers expectations.

They also needed a special tube made on a process unavailable in India. Done.

Boring and turning

The process involved Boring and turning a nearly tube of Dia 60mm and approx. 600 mm long within a tolerance band of 20 microns. We maintain the cylindricity within 6 microns.